5th Kup

5th Kup

1. Taeguek (i) # 4 (ii) Examiner’s Choice

2. Basics

(1) Reverse ridge hand (strike to neck) (All Ages) Front Stance

(2) Double knife hand block Back Stance

Spear hand thrust to the throat. Front Stance

(3) Jumping front kick, high section (All Ages) Fighting Stance

(4) Jumping round-house kick, high section (All Ages) Fighting Stance

(5) High round-house kick, reverse hook kick. Leg to land in front. (All Ages) Fighting Stance

(6) Reverse turn, high round-house kick, mid-section back thrust Fighting Stance

(7) Push kick slide forward leg chop (same leg). Fighting Stance

3. Step Sparring

(i) Single knife hand block, step to outside and double punch to kidneys.

(ii) Double knife hand block, shift to inside and front kick (mid) punch (high)

(iii) Free choice of techniques - number to be determined by examiner.

4. Sparring

(i) Attacking and defending moving across floor

(ii) Technique (x 2 rounds)

(iii) Focus Mitt Kicking kicks to be determined by mit holder while moving around floor. (Kicker and mitt holder both to be marked)

5. Self Defence

(i) Double handed strangle from front

(ii) Single handed grab to lapel

(iii) Bear hug.

(iv) Single grab to collar from rear.

6. Theory General Korean terms.