3rd Kup

3rd Kup

A) Taeguek (i) No. 6 (ii) Examiner’s Choice

(B) Basics: Instructor /examiner to select six techniques

(1) Double side kick (high and middle) Back Stance

(2) Jumping turning kick (guarding block) Back Stance

(3) Low round-house kick (in-step) reverse hook (leg to land in front) Fighting Stance

(4) Front leg, front kick (mid) same leg side kick (mid). Back Stance

Back thrust (high) (All Ages).

(5) Sliding hook kick, front leg (guarding block) Back Stance

(All Ages)

(6) Moving Back, 45 Degree Pi Chagi kick (Keeping up on toes) Fighting Stance

(7) Any other techniques of examiners choice from additional sheet, as required by examiner.

(C) One Step Sparring

(i) Side step and execute outer crescent kick (to inside of the arm), followed by turning kick to the face.

(ii) Reverse outer wrist block (front stance), grab back of neck, knee attach to centre of the body, downward elbow strike to the back of the head (elbow and knee executed with opposite sides) finish in front stance.

(iii) Free choice of techniques - number to be determined by examiner.

(D) Sparring (Body armour on)

(i) One for one, on the spot and moving around (light contact must be made)

(ii) Technique/light contact (x 2 rounds)

(iii) Focus Mitt Kicking 2 One Minute Rounds mit holder to call kicks, (kicker and mit holder both to be marked).

(E) Self defence (2 frontal and 2 rear attacks)

(F) Destruction on frame (age 15+ only)

(i) Hand (students choice)

(ii) Foot (students choice)

(G) Theory

General terms.