2nd Kup

2nd Kup

(A) Taeguek (i) No. 7 (ii) Examiner’s Choice

(B) Basics: Examiner to pick 8 Techniques (All Ages)

(1) Side kick (mid) Back Stance

(2) Reverse low section block Walking Stance

Reverse mid section punch Walking Stance

(3) Low back kick, high round-house kick (same leg) Fighting Stance

(4) Moving away, mid-section back thrust (leg to land in front) Fighting Stance

(5) Slide in hook kick, reverse hook kick (leg to land in front) Fighting Stance

(7) Reverse hook kick (leg land in front), back thrust (leg land in front) Back Stance

(8) Various stepping, moving forward backwards. (must be done with kihap on every step)

(C) Sparring (with body armour)

(i)(ii)(iii) One for One / Attacking and Defending (Light Contact must be made ) / Mit Work; calling kicks. (kicker and mit holder both to be marked).

(iv) Technique sparing (x 2 rounds) (Light contact must be made)

(v) Self defence (3 frontal + 3 rear attacks)

(iv) One step sparring

(D) Destruction on frame (20+)

(i) Hand (student’s choice)

(ii) Foot (student’s choice)


General terms and explanation of technique, power, stances etc.