1st Kup

1st Kup

(A) Taeguek (i) No. 8 (ii) Examiner’s Choice (4 further patterns)

(B) Basics: all kicks Stationary / Moving Forward

(1) Front kick, double low block. Front Stance

(2) Round-house kick. Back Stance

(3) Back thrust. Fighting Stance

(4) Side kickGuarding block. Back Stance

(5) Jump front kick (may be front or back leg strike - examiners choice). Back Stance

(6) (Keeping up on toes)Reverse spin back kick (both feet should leave the floor) Fighting Stance

(C) Sparring (Body Armour on

(i) Mit work – Holder calling the kicks whilst moving around the floor. (Kicker and holder both to be marked)

(ii) Attacking and defending (must make light contact)

(iii) Various stepping movements forwards, backwar

(iv) One for one Moving Backward and Forward

(v) Technique/ Semi contact W.T.F. style (x 2 rounds) with body protector.

(vi) Self defence: (3 frontal + 3 rear attacks) including take downs

(vii) One step sparring (All Punches to High Section)

(D) Destruction on frame (20+) (under 20 year olds will demonstrate without contact/breaking)

(i) Hand (examiners choice)

(ii) Side kick on wood

(E) THEORY: History of the Brotherhood Taekwondo Foundation.

General theory; Korean/English translation.