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Black Belt & Kup grading in Devon & Fight Camp

 Dragon Taekwondo Academy Grading - Sunday 14th August 2011


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The long established friendship between the Brotherhood TKD Foundation & Master Niall Grange's Dragon TKD/HKD Academy continued, when Con Halpin was invited to Devon to examine the candidates at the academy's Summer grading and to participate at the annual Summer camp.


see the write up on the Fight Camp below

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The politics of WTF Taekwondo in the UK - the BTCB 2011 AGM

With the latest annual general meeting of the BTCB almost upon us, now seems an apt moment to reflect upon the choices available to members before they consider putting a cross on their ballot papers and when they consider what questions should be put to the candidates standing for election.

The article appearing below was written in response to a letter printed in ‘Combat’ magazine approximately 12 months ago. The letter which appeared in ‘Combat’ was written by senior members of the UKTDC, a large group consisting of many ex-BTCB members, who were and still are, seeking official recognition.

Although ‘Combat’ had advised that the article was to be printed, the magazine disappeared from the shelves about this time, only to reappear intermittently some months later!

Since that time the BTCB appears to have lost its membership in Scotland, an absolute disaster by all accounts, except you won’t find any account of it on the official BTCB website!

A statement clarifying the facts are called for, or are BTCB members to be regarded as not important enough to be advised?

If membership of the BTCB (NOT including the affiliate groups) has not increased substantially and as a result of the work of those elected to promote our clubs, then we clearly do not have the right people running the organisation – club instructors up and down the country will know where new members are coming from, and it doesn’t appear to be courtesy of the BTCB Executive Committee!

So, is it time for change? Read below and consider …


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