2008 British Poomsae Championships (Manchester)


There was major disappointment for the Brotherhood when Con Halpin failed to collect individual gold at the British Championships for the first time since 1994.

Although satisfied that he put in a very good performance, he was outshone by Master Derek Sumner 5th dan (Gold) and Master David Bailey 7th dan (Silver), and had to be satisfied with bronze.

Both Masters Sumner and Bailey have been regular finalists  with Con in a number of Championship events over the years, so there was no shame in finishing behind such distinguished performers. Con observed that both men had performed with particular distinction on the day and in particular, felt that Master Sumners technical ability was now at a peak and that he had congratulated him on his performance as soon as he came off ,the mat.

Due to the timing of the event co-inciding with other committments, Con was the only representative  for the Brotherhood on the day, but we look to field a bigger team at future events.

The event was well run and well attended, with many clubs from England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland in attendance. There were some outstanding technical performances from amongst others, Melissa McSorley, Zoe and Charlotte Brown, Georgina Stalford (Livingwell), Master T.W.Shin, Chan Sau, Tino Cesar (UTA) and Simon Negus (Hanaro).

A report (by Master Kevin Jervis) together with photos of the event, can be found in the March 2008 edition of 'Combat' magazine (

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 What is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art and modern Olympic sport that has been in existence in various forms for over 2000 years and is currently one of the fastest growing martial art forms in the world.

The word Tae Kwon Do means "the Art of the Foot and Hand" or literally, "the Art of Kicking and Punching". Tae Kwon Do puts its emphasis on power speed and accuracy. It also aims to build confidence and teaches the values of respect through its five tenets:

* Etiquette
* Modesty
* Perseverance
* Self Control
* Indomitable Spirit

 Things to look for before signing up at a class

Check that you are satisfied that the club and instructor are reputable and that they have: ~

  • current  CRB (Police) checks;
  • Insurance cover appropriate to the activities being undertaken; 
  • first aid training;
  • mature, qualified assistants, in the event that the main instructor is not available to conduct lessons;
  • a verifiable history that can be checked (eg either independently, or through a National association or the British Taekwondo Council);

Are you able to: ~

  • watch classes freely, without undue pressure to sign up immediately;
  • go away to consider whether to sign up;
  • return to view classes again;
  • get clear answers to any questions you may have;
  • satisfy yourself with regard to the structure and frequency of classes;
  • satisfy yourself about the instructors claims about themselves/their club;
  • be happy that assistant instructors are mature enough and qualified to assist (Instuctors, including assistant Instructors, must be 18 years of age or older)?

Check other classes/clubs to compare teaching methods. Consider whether you will learn and progress to a good standard and whether the instructor is able to motivate the students in class, and that they look like they enjoy what they are doing. 

There must be a good balance between discipline, hard work and periods of class which may be more relaxed. Ultimately, you must have confidence in the instructors knowledge & teaching ability, as well as their history and experience. As a parent, would you be happy to leave your child in the care of the instructor?