updated report - Outstanding tournament and grading success for Brotherhood members

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Members of the Brotherhood TKD Foundation have enjoyed remarkable success at both the ChungDoKwan National Championships 2012 and the BTCB Black Belt grading.

At the 30th anniversary CDK championships, the junior team won top prize for the Poomsae competition, with the adult & junior teams picking up 6 Gold, 1 Silver and 5 Bronze medals in total, all in view of Vice President of  World ChungDoKwan, Grand Master Park Hae Man (10th Dan).

In addition the best male competitor was won by Max Libid and best female by Lauren Wilkinson and both received special awards for their performances.

To cap a fantastic day, Lauren Wilkinson also picked up a further Gold medal in the Kyorugi event, stopping her opponent in the first round with a barrage of head shots. Edward Chua, Ethan Grub and Michael Waller secured a further 3 Bronze medals. also in the Kyorugi event.

At ringside to see Laurens performance, were Taekwondo pioneers and instructors to Con Halpin, Audric and  Irene Begg, who were invited to the event as special ViP's.

On day two Gary Wilkinson won Bronze in the adult Poomsae event to add to the teams tally for the weekend.


above: revered guests, Audric and Irene Begg, with some of the Brotherhood Team & instructors

This was followed by further success, when 6 members attended the BTCB Dan & Poom grading in Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. and obtained a 100% success rate. We now have 3 new 1st poom grades (junior black belt), 2 new 1st dans and one new 2nd dan.


BTCB Dan & Poom grading (14th & 15th April 2012)


above: Luke, George, Hollie, Janvi & Max

Promoted to 1st Poom: ~

Max Libid,  Hollie Wilkinson  &  Janvi Rajani

Promoted to 1st Dan: ~

George Day  &  Luke Braiden

Promoted to 2nd Dan: ~

Marie Wilkinson


 above: Marie Wilkinson with Kevin George & Con Halpin



  Max Libid, the smallest candidate on the day, drew great compliments from members of the grading panel for his performance.


ChungDoKwan National Championships (31st March & 1st April 2012)


Brotherhood junior team with coaches 



Max Libid,  Seda Day,  Hollie Wilkinson,  Janvi Rajani  & Lauren Wilkinson


Lauren Wilkinson

Silver (Poomsae)

Rebecca Waller



Gary Wilkinson  &  Eleanor Smith


Edward Chua,  Ethan Grub  &  Michael Waller


Results for other team members:~

Nicholas Booth .. (Kyorugi) won 1st fight, lost 2nd round;

Daniel Lee .......... (Kyorugi) won 1st fight, lost 2nd round;

Abigail Booth ...... (Poomsae) finished in 5th place;

Jane Barrett ........ (Poomsae) lost in repechage for Bronze medal;

Marie Wilkinson ... (Poomsae) lost in repechage for Bronze medal.

Outstanding Poomsae Competitor awards: ~

(best junior male)   Max Libid

(best junior female)  Lauren Wilkinson

(best team)         Brotherhood Junior Team (Seda Day, Max Libid, Hollie Wilkinson, Janvi Rajani, Lauren Wilkinson, Rebecca Waller, Abigail Booth & Eleanor Byne)



Brotherhood senior team