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Former Brotherhood fighter, Lene Bredtved Christiansen (nee Lauridsen) has recently been in touch with us after many years back in her native Denmark. Here we recap on her time with the Brotherhood (1981-1982) and some of her Taekwondo achievements.
























Lene arrived in London in August 1981, having already won a BRONZE medal at the 1980 European Championships.

She trained at various Brotherhood clubs, but most notably the Brotherhood Hall in Harrow, coached by Chris Sawyerr and Mick King and at the Kings Cross dojang run by Con Halpin.

During her time here in the UK she also won GOLD at the inaugural BTCB British Championships in 1982, fighting clubmate Donette Gates-Day in the final.

She returned to Denmark in November 1982.

Having been selected to represent Denmark, she fought for her country and won a SILVER medal at the 1983 World Championships in Copenhagen and followed this with a BRONZE medal at the 1985 World Championships in Korea.



She subsequently took a step back from her training to raise a family, but still has fond memories of her time here in the UK, where she was an important member of the Brotherhood squad & a great training partner to, not only female members, but the male contingent also.

Details of some of Lene's competition successes can be found further below and more photos can be found in the picture 'Gallery' section elsewhere on this site.



above: Lene participating at a Taekwondo demonstration soon after arriving in England






Lene (on far left) with some clubmates


Career Results (further detail to be added):


22/4 1979 Southern Jutland Championship second place
20/5 1979 Danish Championship 3rd place
4/8 1979 Hvalsø Cup third place
19/4 1980 Southern Jutland Championship 3rd place
17/8 1980 Grinnell Cup second place
20/9 1980 Thy second cup place

1980 European Championship, Esbjerg third place

15/11 1980 Als Cup second place
29/11 1980 Danish Championship Team first place
(& ‘Best Fighter’ trophy)
14/3 1981 Esbjerg Cup first place
18/4 1981 Southern Jutland Championship 1st place
17/5 1981 Danish Championship 3rd place

1982 – British Championships – 1st place

27/2 1983 Southern Jutland Championship second place
26/3 1983 Danish Championship second place
4/6 1983 Tang Soo Cup third place

1983 World Championship, Copenhagen 2nd place 

25/2 1984 Southern Jutland Championship 1st place (won by Knock Out)
25/3 1984 Danish Championship second place
14/4 1984 Turkish Open Championship second place
2/6 1984 Open Danish Championship first place
17/11 1984 Als Cup second place
1984 European Championship, Germany – Team member
1984 German Open Championship – Team member
9/2 1985 Southern Jutland Championship 1st place
23/3 1985 Danish Championship first place
13/4 1985 Open Gulf of third place (won by Knock Out)
18/5 1985 Nordic Championships 2nd place

1985 World Championship, 3rd Korea place 

12/10 Open Danish Championship 1985 3rd place
16/2 1986 Southern Jutland Championship?