Snow halts teams progress at the 2012 British Poomsae Championships

Heavy snowfall and dangerous driving conditions prevented the Brotherhood Teams attendance on day 2 of the National championships in Sheffield. Kup grade competitors Max Libid and Hollie Wilkinson were unable to beat the weather as conditions on the motorway forced them to stay at home for the day.

Our sole representative on day 1 (black belts & poom grades) was Lauren Wilkinson.


Lauren managed to beat the weather as she arrived before the snow, but encoutered a Taekwondo blizzard in her category, which was hotly contested by 20 competitors, including a number of National Team competitors.


These days, the top 8 competitors move to the final and with an extremely tough field, it was always going to be hard going, for most to make the top 8! Having just moved up to this category (14-17 years of age) and being the yongest in her group, Lauren had a battle against some very experienced performers.

However, after her first two poomsae, and having at one stage made it to 4th place, she slipped back to just make qualification in 8th place. Many of the other competitors upped their game at this point and it became increasingly difficult to see a clear winner between the top 5 or 6. Despite a fine performance of two more poomsae, Lauren was unable to improve her final position and a medal remained sadly out of her grasp for this year.

With this experience and with another year to develop, we hope to see her on the podium next year. We also hope that next year will present an opportuntiy for Max, Hollie & further team members to compete.

Whilst the organisers cannot be blamed for the adverse weather conditions, they ought to show some commonsense and push the event back to April or May to ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy participation. It's also about time that the event was moved South for a time.

Pre- event: ~

The Brotherhood team for this years British poomsae championships are training hard for the event.

Lauren Wilkinson leads the team out on Saturday (4th Feb) when she contests one of the black belt categories.

On Sunday 5th Feb. sister Hollie Wilkinson and team mate Max Libid follow in the kup grade categories.

  Expectations are high for all three, who are also members of the GB Cadet Poomsae Squad, but the realisation is that the competition will be extremely tough at all levels, with many talented competitors participating over the course of the weekend.

The best wishes of all Brotherhood Instructors and members go with them.

The team will be coached by Con Halpin and a full report will be available soon after the event.