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Fatima Halpin - WTF Black Belt

 former British Champion & Great Britain Team member 

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(L) Fatima (back row, far left) with the British Poomsae Team in Russia (1995)  (R)  training prior to National Championships 

Background History 

Fatima Halpin started training in 1986 with ' Club Royale ' in Rabat,  Morocco. This was & still is one of the top clubs in Morocco & members of her family still train there.

Having studied & taught English in Morocco, she visited England on a number of occassions before settling here permanently in 1992 and gained her 1st dan black belt here in the UK in 1995.  She has not graded since that time due to a combination of reasons [ competing for Great Britain, the birth of her son, Adam, and long term injury].

As a language teacher, Fatima is fluent in 4 languages (Arabic, French, Berber & English), skills which have proved useful on trips overseas at competition times .

Competition History

Fatima was an outstanding technical competitor in the 1990's winning consecutive British Poomsae  titles between 1994 & 2002 (seven overall).


above: Fatima takes to the floor at the vast St.Petersburg arena (1995 European Championships in Russia)


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 In addition, she won gold medals at the British Championships in the synchron (poomsae)  and power-breaking events in 1995 & 1996, making her one of only two people to win 3 British titles on one day and, to date, the only person to do this 2 years running.

Fatima was a member of the GB Poomsae team between 1995 & 1999.


1995 - in action at the European Championships (Russia)


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(left) Fatima with European Champion, Ky Tu Dang and (centre & right) with husband Con Halpin at a St.Petersburg, war memorial

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(L) 1995 GB Team & officials, including Master Niall Grange (on far left of back row) 

 (R) Val Winteridge (coach), Ian Lennox, Max Cully, Adrian Tranter (synchron team), Fatima, Emma Grange, Stafford Norford, Con Halpin, Des Day,& Richard



  (above; with Emma Grange)


In addition to her exploits at the British championships, Fatima has also been a medallist at international events and numerous Regional championships (not listed) over many, many years.

below: Fatima at the medal ceremony, National Poomsae Championships

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 British Poomsae Championships 

2002   -   Gold (individual)

1998    -  Gold (individual)

1996   -   Gold (individual)

1996   -   Gold (synchron)

1996   -   Gold (power breaking )*

1995   -   Gold (individual)

1995   -   Gold (synchron)

1995   -   Gold (power breaking)

1994   -   Gold (individual)**

1994   -   Silver (synchron)**

British Team Selection Championships (Steyning, West Sussex)

1997   -   Gold (individual)

International Championships

1996   -   Silver (GB Open - synchron)

1995   -   Gold (Scotland Open - individual)


Left: Fatima celebrates another double medal haul.   Right: Judging at competition.

London Regional Kyorugi Championships

1993 - Silver

*(joint winner)  **(Kup grade division)

Grading History

1995 - promoted to 1st dan black belt by Grand Master Park Soo Nam (BTCB Dan grading, Harefield, Middx).

                  (not graded since - see above)


 Fatima training in Ireland in 1993

Teaching Taekwondo

Fatima now primarily runs classes for children (from ages 4 upwards) but also assists in lessons for adult members of the Brotherhood group of clubs. Her strong technical background and her professional history as a teacher of languages, gives her the ideal tools to communicate the requirements of her art.