Kevin George

Kevin George - 4th Dan WTF


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 above: Kevin preparing for his grading and (centre) receiving his 4th Dan certificate from Grand Master Park Soo Nam, 9th Dan (26/4/09)


above and below: at a Brotherhood Instructors training seminar on 5th Feb. 2006


              Golden_eagle_Inter-Club_event_March_2010__-_Kevin_George_holds_the_winners_hand_aloft Golden_eagle_Inter-Club_event_March_2010__-_Kevin_George_referees


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(above left) Kevin with student Mark Suter and Grand Master Park Hae Man (10th Dan) at a 2009 seminar, and

(right) putting his First Aid skills to use on student fighter, Yogesh Patel, also in 2009.

Background History 

Kevin started training in 1987 and although he missed the prime fighting years of many of the Brotherhood Instructors, he considers himself lucky to have benefitted from the years of experience they had accumulated by then. His original Instructors were Sean Daly & Chris Sawyerr, before training with Con Halpin and Wayne Gates. However, all four had a long history of training together, having been around since the earliest days of the Brotherhood, so the style of training meant that Kevin was very much at home, whomever he trained with.

Kevin's apprenticeship as a 'kup' grade (colour belt) was lenghty by usual standards, as the emphasis was very much on training and competing, rather than grading - a common theme with the Brotherhood over the years. This was no bad thing, as he was well prepared by the time the opportunity to grade to 1st dan black belt came around.

Competition Coaching

Kevin's skills in coaching come with a fine pedigree of instruction from the coaches he has trained with over the years. Sean Daly, Chris Sawyerr, Con Halpin, Wayne Gates, Donette Gates-Day, all British Champions as fighters (and more!), not to mention the years spent training with former World Champion, Han You Guen.

His accumulated knowledge translates easily into class routine, and enables students to benefit from his experiences.

Additionally, receiving coaching in the traditional aspects of TKD and in particular, Poomsae (forms), on a regular basis from competitors with a high pedigree such as Fatima & Con Halpin, and Wayne Gates & Donette Gates-Day, only adds to his already impressive c.v.

Grading History

4th Dan - 2009   (26th April - BTCB Dan Grading, Mansfield, Notts.)

3rd Dan - 2005

2nd Dan - 2002

1st Dan - 1997

Teaching Taekwondo

Kevin teaches both Juniors and adults in the Ruislip, Eastcote & Northolt classes.  His daughter, Nicole (14), who is a 1st dan, regularly trains in his classes and is now being coached with her 2nd dan grading in mind.

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 above: (left) Kevin coaching at a Brotherhood seminar, 2008 & (right) maintaining his own standards at a seminar with GM Park Hae Man (10th Dan), 2009


My experiences of Taekwondo (by Kevin George)

The Past

My first encounter with Taekwondo was back in 1987 when my future brother in law met an instructor by the name of Sean Daley. Sean had been one of a number of students to be involved in the origins of the Brotherhood and was about to open a new club, so at the age of twenty-two I took my first steps into the world of Taekwondo.
Those initial lessons still stick in my mind as I watched my instructor and being overwhelmed by the speed and power of the movements. Time has moved on and I have had the pleasure of training with many fantastic instructors, I would like to thank them for helping me over the years for their patience, encouragement and friendship.

Sean Daley, Con Halpin, Wayne Gates, Kevin Woollett, Guamn Han, Chris Sawyerr

Thank you all

The Present

Having been asked to be an instructor at the Brotherhood Taekwondo Foundation back in 2004 it was my pleasure to accept this position. In December 2005 I gained my 3rd degree black belt. My current goal is to help my daughter Nicole gain her next grade. I look forward to this day in anticipation, a proud moment for any parent.

The Future

I hope to continue to practice and teach Taekwondo. I believe that Taekwondo can provide something for everyone, the most important thing to do is to take that first step, your instructor will help you reach your full potential, you will benefit both physically and mentally from training in one of the worlds greatest martial arts.


I would like to thank my wife Paula, for it is she who has encouraged me for the last 21 years and made it possible for me to continue to train in Taekwondo, something that has become an integral part of my life.