Training Locations and times


Eastcote Community Centre

Southbourne Gardens (corner of Oak Grove), Eastcote, Middx, HA4 9SQ 

Monday:   4.45pm  - 5.45pm (Little Dragons & juniors)

Thursday: 7.30pm  -  9.30pm (juniors & adults)

Saturday: 10.00am  - 11.00am (Little Dragons)                

                  11.00am  -  12.15pm (all ages and grades)                

Contact: 07900 561 079   or    0208 861 2468


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Northolt High School, (Main Hall, Gate B),

Eastcote Lane, Northolt, Middx, UB5 4HP 

Friday: 6.00pm - 7.30pm (juniors & adults) 

Contact: 07900 561 079   or    0208 861 2468

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Ruislip Manor Methodist Church Hall

Torrington Rd

Ruislip Manor



Wednesday: 7.00 - 8.30pm (adult black belts only)

Contact: 0791 250 3707 or 07900 561 079  


Ladybanks Junior & Infants School 

Ruislip High School

Sidmouth Drive,

Ruislip, Middx


Tuesday:     3.30 - 4.30pm    (after school class, students of school only)   

Thursday:   3.15 - 4.15pm    (after school class, students of school only)

Contact: 07900 561 079


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Colham Manor School,

Violet Avenue, Hillingdon, Middx, UB8 3PT


Tuesdays: 7.00 - 8.30pm (all ages)


Contact: 0750 - 672 9461


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Lessons take place under the guidance of Brotherhood instructors, who are all CRB (Police) checked, fully insured and registered with the National Association.Our instructors have up to 35 years of experience in Taekwondo, and have competed at national and international level with British Teams.

You are never too old to take part in Taekwondo; we have had students from three to fifty three the only thing holding you back from starting Taekwondo, is you!  Every person training is treated as an individual & you will not be expected to do anything beyond your capabilities. However, you will be encouraged to attain your full potential, in a friendly & welcoming atmosphere.

During your training you will initially learn warm up & basic stretching exercises, basic movements such as  blocks, kicks, strikes  and stances, along with basic self defence. These basics will be consistently used throughout your training as a solid platform as a base for your Taekwondo training. Over time these exercises become second nature and further develop with the use of combinations of movement, together with a growing confidence in your physical and mental well being, will enable you to attain your full potential.

We welcome you to view any of the training sessions, before you participate in any lesson. All participants will be required to fill out a membership form which must be completed (if you are under sixteen this must be done by your parent or guardian) with the annual membership fee paid before you take part in any lesson. The fee covers membership to the national governing body, the British Taekwondo Control Board (B.T.C.B.).
Membership is not optional and we are under strict instructions from the B.T.C.B. not to allow any person to participate without first having completed and paid their membership.

To take part you will need to wear some loose fitting clothing to start. All members are required to purchase our unique Taekwondo uniform (Dobok), and these can be purchased through the club.

With regular training you will be able to take part in a grading. These are carried out approximately every four months and require you to attend 70% of lessons between gradings (based on two nights a week training) approximately twenty-four lessons (as a minimum), this along with your instructors approval in your ability to pass the examination will gain you a place. As you pass each grading you will gain a new belt these are as follows:

10th Kup: white
9th Kup:      white yellow strip
8th Kup:    yellow
7th Kup:      yellow green strip
6th Kup:   green
5th Kup:     green blue strip
4th Kup:   blue
3rd Kup:     blue red strip
2nd Kup:  red
1 st Kup:    red black strip
Dan:           Black     (Poom (junior Dan): Red/Black)

All kup gradings are conducted by the BTF and all Dan grades are conducted by the National Association (BTCB).

Entry to Brotherhood gradings is strictly at the discretion of Brotherhood Club Instructors and/or senior Brotherhood Black Belts. Applications must be accompanied by full payment and a current, valid BTCB licence, within the time limits set down by the grading organiser. Payment for gradings is not refundable, but a credit against a future grading may be allowed, provided the applicant remains training at a Brotherhood Class throughout the qualifying period.

Students must present themselves for grading in a clean/pressed Brotherhood Dobok, with a Brotherhood badge on the left breast.

Theory testing will include some element of Korean terminolgy and detail of the history of the Brotherhood TKD Foundation and its senior members.

Brotherhood students wishing to test for Dan/Poom grades, must first seek the approval of the Senior Black Belt members on the Brotherhood Technical (Grading) Committee. This allows class Instructors and the student themselves, to receive experienced opinion on readiness to grade, and to maintain standards within the Brotherhood.