The badge of the Brotherhood Taekwondo Foundation

The Brotherhood badge was conceived with a number of elements in mind and was designed by art student Ashley Haddock, who trained at the Brotherhood Hall club.

The different parts of the badge represent the underlying principles on which the Brotherhood TKD Foundation was formed.

  • The interlocking figures represent both a modern Olympic sport and traditional martial art which is practised by people of different origins.
  • The background colours, represent the ‘ying' and ‘yang' as seen on the flag of South Korea.
  • The hands at the base of the badge are joined in friendship, indicating the welcome extended to all willing to abide by the tenets of TKD.
  • Even the name of the 'Brotherhood', whilst adopted by coincidence rather than design, reflects the common bond which members have for one another.
  • The reason the organisation was named as a 'Foundation' as opposed to an 'Association' or 'Federation'. was that it was something that was going to be built from the ground upwards by the founding Instructors.