Our classes, Instructors and students


Classes held in Northolt, South Ruislip, Ruislip Manor, Eastcote, Ickenham, Hillingdon & London and Home Counties

  • All our Instructors are fully insured and CRB (Police) checked.

  • We have both male and female Instructors

  • Some of our Instructors have over 35 years training 

  • Some of our Instructors are current/former National Champions & GB Team members

  • We have been established in the Ruislip area for nearly 25 years

If you want to learn to defend yourself, become a potential Olympic champion, or simply to take up a traditional martial art taught by experienced Instructors, then visit one of our clubs.

Our classes are open to all, whether male or female, and whether you have trained previously or not. Classes cater for all ages, with separate classes conducted for children (including classes for under 7's) and classes where families can train together. There is no upper age limit and we are happy to accommodate members regardless as to whether you have been inactive for some time, or not.

Some classes are offering a free 1 month trial at present - call for details

  Coaching is by both male & female instructors... 

Donette_Gates-Day_coaching_at_a_Brotherhood_seminar___-_2  Adam_Halpin_kicks_out

 Jane_Barrett_teaching_in_her_Hillingdon_dojang Kevin_George_coaching____-

Young or older - everyone has the chance to learn at their own pace ...

Donette_Gates-Day_coaching_at_a_Brotherhood_seminar  young_and_older_students_train_together


students_practice_on_target_mits Andy_Barrett_coaching_at_a_Brotherhood_seminar 

We aim to train you to become physically fit, as we will tailor your training schedule to meet current ability, even in classes with more advanced students, providing you maintain regular attendance. Regular training brings benefits in improved fitness, flexibilty, confidence & knowledge.

 Beginners can be coached alongside established students and progress more quickly ...

  Hillingdon_students_in_training Beginners_and_established_students_train_together


students_practice_on_target_mits  younger_Brotherhood_students_practice_at_a_seminar


Classes are enjoyable, whilst still retaining the ethic of discipline ...

Class_drill_at_Eastcote_club Con_Halpin_leads_a_section_of_class_at_a_Brotherhood_seminar    

 We can train you through the grades to reach the coveted black belt and higher dans ...

students_and_instructors_train_together Nicole_George_-_black_belt_grading_2009 Kevin_George_in_Hillingdon_Gazette

When ready, but only if students wish to participate, our Instructors are there to coach them through competition events ...

 get expert coaching from current & ex-National champions ... 

Donette_Gates-Day_coaching_at_an_open_championships_-_2 Fatima_Halpin__Jane_Barrett_coaching_a_young_student_to_medal_success Wayne_Gates_former_British_Champion_coaching_in_his_Eastcote_dojang_c.2008__-_3   

Con_Halpin_coaching_Luke_Braiden_at_the_Brotherhood_dojang_Eastcote_2008   Donette_Gates-Day_coaching_at_an_open_championships

Donette_Gates-Day_coaching_Yogesh_Payel_at_a_championships Fatima_Halpin_coaches_a_young_student_to_medal_success

 be part of a team with a great history ...     



 and share in the success with your team mates.   

Yogesh_Patel_Saira_Waheed__Margerita_Nazarova_display_their_medal_wins_-_2009 Competition_success_for_Brotherhood_members Fatima_Halpin_coaches_the_youngest_members_to_medal_success 

 See the 'drop-down' menu under the heading 'About Us' and click on ... ' Training times '

or simply call :  Donette: 07900 561 079

 Brotherhood_in_print Andy_Barrett_wins_International_Bronze Joe_Haddock_collects_international_Gold_-_2009 Hollie_Wilkpnson_collects_international_silver_-_2009